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MSRP: $6,160.00
Price: $5,500.00
You Save: $660.00 (11 %)
Item Number: 8561
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Safety

** Contractor Price Only **

No substitute for the original–
The ONLY fall arrest cart with a locking engagement arm that ensures your anchor point is locked in its deepest point of penetration during a fall. The TriRex incorporates a streamlined design with a three-point front axle locking mechanism.

Keep your workers safe and mobile with the TriRex.


The TriRexTM meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502(D).

• Streamlined Design
• Added safety features including 3 point positive locking breaks and engagement arm lock
• Support for 3 workers on fall arrest and 2 workers on fall restraint
• Flat free tires with roller bearings for ease of use
• Advanced standard options:
- fork pockets
- 4 corner D-Rings for hoisting and securing
• US Patent–8.240.431 B2
• Compliant with OSHA regulation 1926.502(d)

Length 78” without handle attached; 111” with handle attached
Width 48”
Height 53”
Weight 1003 LBS
Tires Solid Polyurethane 18” x 8.5” x 8” flat free tires; roller bearings
Tire Foot Print 3” x 5”
Approximate Downforce Applied 16.71 PSI
Approximate Weight Per Tire 250.75 LBS
Platform Size 29” x 47”
Height of Platform (from ground) 24”
Ground Clearance 5 1/2”
Warranty Manufacter’s limited warranty covers any defect in workmanship or materials for one year from date of purchase

Dimensions 47.5”w x 30”d x 24”h
Capacity 20 cubic feet
Weight 140 LBS
Description 16 guage solid steel construction; powder coated inside and out
Weight Carry Capacity of Trailer 2000 LBS gross weight rating
Fall Arrest Capacity Three Workers
Fall Restraint Capacity Two Workers
Fall Protection Standards OSHA 1926.502(d) Fall Arrest Anchor

Tri-Rex Manual

Tri-Rex Spec Data

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