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The WUKO UBER Bender Duo 7350

Price: Call for Pricing
Item Number: 7350WU
Manufacturer: Wuko

The WUKO UBER Bender Duo 7350

The Long Double Version for Long Panels!

WUKO UBER Bender Duo

Equipped with a second pair of angled bending discs and a handle for quick and easy bending of long, straight panels. The ideal tool for

  • clean bending up to/over 90°
  • the protection of delicate materials
  • spring back materials
  • bending along longitudinal beadings

Delivered in a carrying case.

Technical Data:

  • Bending capacity: 0.80 mm/24 gauge (for all common materials)
  • Bending height: 6-350 mm/0.24-8"
  • Weight:3,59 kg/7,91 lbs