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Item Number: 9461
Manufacturer Part No: SPT3A

Watertight in Seconds. Flows like a Traditional New Connection Drain.

When it comes to roof drainage, getting water off the roof is the name of the game. The OMG SpeedTite Drain with built-in Vortex Breaker technology is designed for improved flow performance that rivals many traditional new connection drains.* SpeedTite Drains are "drop-in-ready" for installation from the box, and feature a mechanical seal that exceeds the ANSI/SPRI RD1 standard for back-flow prevention.

Features & Benefits

  • SpeedTite® Drains flow like traditional new connection roof drains. The flow performances help to get water - and dead load weight - off of the roof faster.
  • The Vortex Breaker disrupts the slow draining effect of a vortex, providing a smoother more consistent flow rate and helping to eliminate "chugging" that can cause damage to plumbing systems.
  • OMG SpeedTite Drains can be installed in minutes without any special tools, helping to save time and labor.
  • The patent pending mechanical seal provides a symmetrical watertight connection with the drain leader and can be made watertight in seconds.
  • Also available with a TPO or PVC coated flange for direct hot-air welding.
  • OMG SpeedTite Drains feature a one-piece seamless body with an extra-large 17-inch flange for positive attachment of the roof flashing membrane.
  • The heavy cast aluminum strainer dome and clamping ring will not rust and will provide long-term drain durability.


Designed to fit into existing drain leaders in re-roofing applications. Installed from the roof's surface.

10-in. long drain stem accommodates most existing field conditions and can be field cut if needed. Custom lengths also available.

Also available with TPO or PVC coated flanges for hot-air welding.

Performance  Values

Water Head Level

3-in. SpeedTite

Volumetric FLow Rate (gpm)

4-in. SpeedTite

Volumetric FLow Rate (gpm)

4 in. 267 288
5 in. 346 469
6 in. 347 560

Physical Data

Drain Body 11 gauge (.125-in.) spun aluminum
Seal OMG SpeedTite mechanical seal
Flange 17-in. diameter with sump area
Strainer Dome Cast aluminum
Stem 10-in. length
Clamp Ring Cast aluminum (not in TPO- and PVC-coated models)