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Price: $9,995.00
Item Number: 3337
Manufacturer: RoofMaster
Manufacturer Part No: 475500

This heavy duty workhorse is built to withstand the rigors that come with tearing off the most troublesome roof decks.  Powered by a 13hp Honda electric start engine, it has a low center of gravity weighing 580lbs.

The latest transaxle is serviced by 20W-50 motor oil, with an external reservoir for observation and access.  As a result, there are no hydraulic hoses or a tank to keep filled with hydraulic oil.  Due to our proprietary 4 port grease block which makes greasing the industrial precision bearings simple and efficient.

The Razer comes with two blade options. Standard is an adjustable and reversible flat blade made of hardened special alloy steel.  As an addition, a multiple depth slitter blade with a vertical mount assembly is also available.