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Price: Call for Pricing
Item Number: 10-DS
Manufacturer: Miro Industries

The 10-DS duct or “H” type support has been designed specifically for square and round duct work. The versatility of the design for this product enables it to expand to hold any number of duct running along the roof for maximum efficiency and cost savings to customers, contractors, and owners. Thus, this duct or “H” type support product can be used to hold ganged duct, stacked duct or various utilities across and at varying heights above the roof.

Base Material:
Bases are 19″ x 23″, the support has a bar width which allows at least 22″ between the strut assembly, and can adjust in height. Can adjust in height to support duct from a low of 12″ to a desired height.
Max Pipe Size:
Max Pipe Clearance:
Max Load Weight:
Supports are engineered to ensure member/component capacities and deflection criteria are not exceeded. Maximum loading from any MIRO base to the finished roof surface is not to exceed 2.0 psi unless specifically allowed otherwise in the project specifications. Deflection in the horizontal header bar is not to exceed the span length divided by 360 or 1/8”.
Manufacturer’s recommended spacing is not to exceed 8 foot centers depending upon the load. Do not exceed load weight and make certain each duct support is adjusted in height to even load at all duct supports. Support spacing is not to exceed the maximum spacing required in the duct specifications where applicable.