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Tank Spreader Trapezoid Profile 14"

Price: $660.00
Item Number: 17827
Manufacturer: Rooftop Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: TS-TRP-14
All spreaders are gravity-fed and have disposable rollers. All parts are disposable or simple to replace. Better Spreaders apply adhesives directly from the can while Tank Spreaders apply any pourable material such as low VOC adhesives and coatings from a tank.

This is a very common industrial panel
There are variations of this shape so it is a good idea to confirm this roller will work with your profile
The 3/4" roller nap conforms to the small bends of this panel

How do I clean the tank?

After each use, allow the adhesive to drain out the drain hole. It is best to wipe tank walls and hole edges before the adhesive sets up. Spray all tank surfaces with silicone spray before each use to aid in removal of hardened material

How can I adjust the flow for using materials with different viscosity?

Distribution ports can be increased with a drill bit. It is best to open the holes in increments of 1/16″ at a time and usually only the center most holes.

How do I know what size spreader to use?

The 14″ Singlewide is best for roofs under 100 squares and in cut up areas with penetrations.

The 27″ Doublewide is a good balance of maneuverability and productivity. Ususally used on projects from 50 squares to 500 squares.

The 40″ Superwide Tank Spreader offers unmatched productivity. As the operator walks along a 40″ (1 Meter) swath of material is applied.

Why are the wheels covered in tape?

Teflon tape on the wheels protects them from glue and coatings.

Why are there two screws at the end of the holes in the tank?

These two holes are optional. They are to be used when applying Bonding Adhesive where no running puddle is needed.

When applying coating it is helpful if the end holes are closed to allow the running puddle to diminish toward the ends of the roller