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Price: $641.13
Item Number: 8562
Manufacturer: French Creek Production
Retractable lifelines provide extreme durability with high mobility! These units offer an extended range of movement, zero slack to eliminate tripping hazards, and a centrifugal braking system that engages at the slightest of falls!

Super-strong cast aluminum housing featuring a dual internal inertia braking system, internal deceleration braking system, swivel impact indicating snap hook, #354-4 carabiner for anchoring, and choice of lifeline material.
Safety always comes first!

FCP's self-retracting lifelines are engineered to provide extreme durability, reliability, and performance necessary in any work environment. In the event of a fall, FCP's SRL's are designed to lock up within 24", reducing impact forces on your body. We also continually recertify our mechanical units, providing a tremendously long service life. Why choose FCP's SRL's? 

Because your life is on the line!

50' of galvanized wire rope.

Working Length - 50 ft.
Work Load Cap. - 310 lbs.
Housing Material - Cast Aluminum
Housing size - 9"x14"x5"
Total Weight - 20 lbs.
Arrest Force - 900lbs.