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Model 425 Gal. Double Burner Pumping Kettle

Price: Call for Pricing
Manufacturer: Cleasby
Model 425 Gal. Double Burner Pumping Kettle

The largest of our single axle models. Offers the same wheel base and loading height as our 350 gal. kettle while allowing for 65 gallons more usable asphalt. Same standard features including double burners, 60 g.p.m. pump, removable adjustable hitch and tail lights. Manual or automatic l.p.g. vapor controls offered.

Product Specs:

Overall Length: 169""
Overall Width: 76"
Overall Height: 62"
Loading Height: 39"
Shipping Weight: 2,700 lbs.

Usable Asphalt Above the Tubes: 390 gal