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Manufacturer: Marathon Equipment Inc.
Designed to mix mastic repair and bridge joint materials. Heavy duty construction allows mixing of heavy material mixed with aggregate. Diesel and propane models available in 120 and 250 gallon capacities.

Power & Heating
• Automatic temperature control on both diesel and propane fired units.
• Burners are self igniting with out-fire protection.
• East to read, rear mounted material and oil thermometers.
• Overnight heater(s) to reduce daily start up time.


• The bi-directional, full sweep agitator is hydraulically powered and fitted with a variable
speed controller.
• Agitation blades are positioned along a horizontal shaft ensuring top to bottom mixing
• Elongated, oil jacketed material vat design provides large heating surface area.
• Low center of gravity for safe towing, superior rear visibility and ease of operation.
• Well insulated material vat and firing chamber provides optimum fuel economy.
• Safely positioned exhaust stack with rain cover.
• Reverse load lid, anti-splash loading door(s) equipped with sensor to automatically stop
agitator when lid is opened.
• 6” diameter guillotine dispensing gate.
• 200,000 BTU hand held propane torch.
• 10lb fire extinguisher with bracket.
• Propane fired tool heater.
• All necessary stop, turn and marker lights.
• Increased corrosion resistance with epoxy primer and standard blue paint finish.


• Heavy-duty channel iron frame.
• Long lasting all welded construction – not bolted.
• Industrial grade wide track axles with leaf spring suspension and electric brakes on front
• Adjustable hitch with 3” pintle eye and safety chains.
• Conveniently located heavy duty, top wind jack..


• Heated square shoveling platform.
• 12” steel flat squeegee.
• 18” steel “U” squeegee.
• Electric breakaway switch with battery.
• Hydraulic surge brakes.
• Burner indicator light.
• Amber strobe light.
• 2” or 3” sealant pouring spout.
• Customer’s choice of standard paint colour.


Shipping Weight 2450lbs (1114kg) 4400lbs (2000kg) 4600lbs (2091kg)

Overall Length 147” (373cm) 176” (447cm) 176” (447cm)
Overall Width 68” (173cm) 80” (203cm) 80” (203cm)
Overall Height 62” (157cm) 65” (165cm) 65” (165cm)
Loading Height 54” (137cm) 57” (145cm) 57” (145cm)
Delivery Chute Height 24” (61cm) 24” (61 cm) 24” (61cm)

Material Vat 120 gal (454 L) 250 gal (945 L) 250 gal (945 L)
Heat Transfer Oil 25 gal (64 L) 40 gal (151 L) 40 gal (151 L)
Diesel Fuel Tank N/A N/A 28 gal (105L)
Hydraulic Oil Tank 14 gal (53L) 14 gal (53L) 14 gal (53L)
Engine 25hp Kohler Propane 25hp Kohler Propane 26hp liquid cooled, electric
Start, Kohler diesel
Burner One 410,000 BTU One 410,000 BTU One 320,000 BTU
vapour propane burner vapour propane burner diesel burner

Axle(s) Tandem Tandem Tandem
Capacity 7000lbs (3128kg) 10,400lbs (4727kg) 10,400lbs (4727kg)
Tires – size (4) 225/75/R15 (4) 225/75/R15 (4) 225/75/R15
* Specifications subject to change without notice.