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DW 3000

Price: $525 Call to Order
Item Number: DW3000
Manufacturer: Sievert
Manufacturer Part No: 293047

The most advanced yet user-friendly product ever made by Sievert. The revolutionary DW 3000 represents the modern day hot-air tool.
The innovative and modern design of the DW 3000 is breaking the classic boundaries of the hot-air tool market, making it the lightest and most ergonomic in its class yet the most powerful.
The power, precision, and control of the DW 3000 comes from a brushless motor powered by next-gen electronics. The next-gen electronics provide the DW 3000 its unique features and also make it possible to precisely control the power and heat of the tool.

Includes 1 Heatgun with a storage box and a 40mm nozzle.

  • 3 Step Air Flow
  • Temp Sensor
  • Lightweight
  • Next Gen Electronics
  • Memory System
  • Digital Voltage Readout
Technical Data
Power - 120V / 1700W
HZ - 50/60HZ
Temp - 220-1110 F
Weight - 1.80 lbs.
Sound - 65dB
Fan Speed - 10. cfm to 12.7 cfm Depending on setting
Size - 13" x 1.9"