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Price: $650.00
Item Number: 17801
Manufacturer: Rooftop Equipment
Manufacturer Part No: BS-27

The Better Spreader makes adhered projects more efficient and contractors more profitable. This proven, simply quick adhesive dispenser has been designed to save you time and money – in two widths!

Adhere single-ply fast:

  • Adhesive dispensed directly from the can
  • No tank or tray to clog or clean
  • No valves or cranks causing messy overflow
  • Double production over paint rollers
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
  • Roller change in seconds
  • Even and efficient spread of adhesive
  • No end of the day cleanup or maintenance
  • Fewer mechanics, more production

Q: What is the difference between a Better Spreader and a Tank Spreader?

Rooftop offers 5 spreaders. The Singlewide Better Spreader is 14″ wide and the Doublewide Better Spreader is 27″ wide. There are 3 Tank Spreaders in widths of 14″, 27″, and 40″.  The Better Spreaders hold metal five gallon pails of material above a roller. A row of holes is made in the side of each pail.  The Tank Spreader has a hopper with 1/4″ holes lodated 1″ on center.


Q: I lost the template to put holes in my can, do you sell replacements?

Yes, this is a Hole Guide and the part # is BS-HG and is available through your local distributor.


Q: How is the flow rate of the adhesive controlled with the Better Spreader.

The recommended hole size is 1/4″ hole located 3/4″ on center. These can be increased to increase dispensing speed. Flow is also contolled with an air hole in the lid of the can. If slow speed is desired simply plug the hole.