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Item Number: 17818
Manufacturer Part No: THR-FL-8
This 8″ roller is for coating smaller areas. With double the surface area to hold more material, the Titan Hand Rollers make any rolling application process twice as productive. Disappointed with the slow hand application of coatings and adhesives, roofers came to us because small, flimsy paint rollers would not hold adequate material when dipped. Titan Rollers are 8-inch rollers with a large 4-inch diameter. They keep up with the physical demands of motivated contractors.

What rollers can I use with the 16″ Titan Frame?

The flat 16″ Titan Roller is made to be used with the 16″ Titan Frame.

Can I clean these rollers and reuse?

Cleaning is not recommended, but rollers can be preserved by loading up the roller nap with extra material at the end of use and provide an air tight wrap to prevent hardening.

I own a Singlewide Tank Spreader already. Can I put a 14″ Profile Roller on my existing spreader?

Single Tank Spreader frames can be used for both flat and metal profile applications. A Profile Tank can be installed by simply removing 2 wing nuts.
The Profile Tank has a different hole pattern to allow more material to flow over the rib of the roof panel.

Why do I need a special Profile Tank for the Trapezoid Profile?

The 3″ rib height of the Trapezoid Panel requires a roller that is much larger in diameter. The Trapezoid Tank is designed to specifically accommodate this large diameter roller.

Does the Profle Tank Spreader come with a wider option?

There is only one application that utilizes a profile roller wider than 14″. The Trapezoid Roller can be used on panels with a rib frequency of 24″. This special roller is 27″ wide and fits on the Doublewide Tank Spreader.