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1 lb. Fiberglass Circle Mop

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Item Number: 5066
Manufacturer: Kirby Fiberglass

K.F. Circle

The K.F. Circle mop is for the roofer who wants to make his own mop.

A blend of unplied and standard twist & plied Glasphalt yarn.

The K.F. Circle is pressed into a 1 3/8" grommet for super easy assembly.

Start out with desired number of circles for the preferred weight. At end of the day scrape off excess asphalt. Before spinning out the mop to dry unscrew the circle holder with pliers before the asphalt hardens. Add additional circles to outside of the mop. This will help with pick up the following day and can be used multiple days. Please reference the cotton vs. fiberglass video for explanation of cleaning of mop.

* Sold by the Carton - Carton includes 50 Circle Mops